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Welcome to the AP-Wiki page!


This website provides marketing analytics articles related to Academic Partnerships' goals and purposes.

Some of the articles you will find are related to specific marketing campaign analyses. However, the majority of the articles will be informative - have the purpose of deliberately crossing the lines between different marketing departments, in order that all of the marketing employees are better aware of 'the whole picture'.

On the Sidebar, you'll be able to see the Index of all articles, in their chronological order of publishing. Also on the left side is the link to the Article of the Month - a highlighted piece of information, which is updated on a monthly basis.

At the moment, about 3 articles are published here every week.

If you have any suggestions (please, do!) or if you'd like to request a specific article on a certain marketing topic that could be useful for you and/or your team, please contact Maria Ovcharov at Any input is most welcome!

Let's have marketing fun together while learning!

- Maria