How to Interpret the CRM Grant Code Statuses

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CRM presents three different statuses of grant codes: Grant Offered, Grant Applied, and Grant Awarded.


Grant Offered

This status indicates that the grant has been offered - via email, SMS, designated landing page, field sales reps, or Enrollment Services (ES) specialist. For this initial offer to happen, some departments use lists of potential students and/or rehash lists (e.g. email and ES). Grant Offered means that in some form this grant has been presented to the prospective student (at this stage, called in CRM Contact).

Grant Applied

This status indicates that this grant has been offered and the prospective student has requested interest in the grant - either as an inquiry coming from a URL offering the grant or in any other type of confirmation form - called back AP personally, emailed back, etc. When that moment occurs, it is the job of the ES to go in CRM and to manually click both Grant Offered and Grant Applied in the file of the prospective student (called in CRM Opportunity). If it happens that Grant Offered status is not selected but the Grant Applied is, it is most probably due to a typing error. At this stage, when the prospect has shown interest, in CRM both statuses should be checked as 'Yes' .

Grant Awarded

The Grant Awarded status was created in order to indicate when the actual process was completed. This piece of information, by design, should have been coming from the university. In reality, CRM does not get that information. The financial department receives information about how many grants have been awarded but never in the granularity of student's name or their CRM HEHID (AP ID number). This is why the Grant Awarded status is never 'Yes' in CRM.